Monday, March 9, 2009

Monday, March 9

This is a B Day.

7th Grade: Today is the deadline to turn your WEB leader applications in.  Please return your applications to Ms. Morris or Mr. Fischer.  You have until 3pm!

ALL GRADES: The Computer Game Club is starting again for all grades!  We will meet Mondays after school in the Tech Lab (Room 24).  We meet for the first time today!  Come prepared to create and play computer games!  See Mr. Biddulph for more information.

Outdoor Games Club starts today!  Bring your friends and meet in room 203 to play your favorite outdoor and indoor group games.  Today we are playing Dodge Ball Bowling and Capture the Flag.  See Mrs. Phillips if you have questions!

Sushi Heads (Euclid’s Aquarium Club) will not meet next week as planned, but instead on Monday, March 16. Meet in Room 207 immediately after school for a field trip.

Words of Wisdom                

Monthly Theme: Sharing Similarities and Celebrating Differences

Quote:  “I look at what is happening on our planet, and I see nation against nation, race against race, religion against religion – but I still feel hope that at least on an individual basis connections can be remade.” –Madeliene L’Engle