Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Tuesday, March 18

This is a B Day.

6th Grade:

We have had too many 6th graders coming through the lunch line without any lunch money.  I am supposed to have a no charge policy but have been letting 6th graders charge.  Now it is getting out of hand.  If you want to buy lunch you must bring lunch money daily or put money in your account.  After Spring Break I will start taking lunches that cannot be paid for.  Thank you.  Diana


Just a reminder that there is NO knitting club today.  I will see you in 2 weeks.  Have a great spring vacation.

 If you owe the kitchen a quarter of fifty cents, please bring it in immediately.  We have let many, many students go through owing us money on the promise they would pay it back.  We haven’t seen anyone come back with the change so this is a reminder.  If you owe, please pay the kitchen back so that we can continue to let people get lunch when they are just a little short.  Thank you.  Diana

All this week, National Junior Honor Society will be holding a bake sale! All of the money will go towards the Heifer project. The Heifer project helps poor families across the world. With your help, we will purchase a flock of ducks and a goat. Baked goods will be sold during your lunch period!

Words of Wisdom                

Monthly Theme: Making Responsible Choices


“You are the master of words yet unspoken.  Once spoken, they are the master of you.” –Unknown