Thursday, December 20, 2007

Thursday, December 20

This is a W Day.

8th Grade:

On Monday January 7th all 8th grade students will take the first 5 minutes of their day to receive their new schedules. Please go directly to your 4th hour class (1st core) to receive your new schedule and then proceed to your new elective class.  All students that attend math at the high school in the morning please go to Ms. Lloyd’s room when you return to Euclid.


To all grades,

If you are buying the regular $2.50 lunch or you are on reduced or free lunches, you must now pick up 2 side dishes along with your entrée. They can be a fruit cup, fresh fruit, sherbet, fruit pops, milk or a side salad or the dessert of the day. Pick any 2 to go along with your lunch. If you do not have both sides, you may be charged ala carte priced for lunch. We will help remind you when you come through the lunch line to go back and pick up more if you need to. Please come and ask any questions any time if you need to about the change.

Thank you, Diana

 Today is the last day for the student council sucker sale. The flavors are Raspberry Lemon, Mountain Berry, Black Cherry, Tangerine, Strawberries and Cream, Watermelon, Green Apple and Strawberry Kiwi.  They will be available during lunch. 

Words of Wisdom                

Monthly Theme: Winter Holidays

We enrich our lives when we share our cultures.